Granulator / Crusher
Hustler Six

Granulator / Crusher

Hustler Six

Developed newly 5 port Impact Rotor makes capability of larger capacity than conventional hustler. It produces cubicle particles and well graded sand efficiently.


- Higher crushing efficiency by using 5 port Impact Rotor
- Fine grain shape as the same as original Hustler
- Made in Japan, Patent registered

Crushing overview

Crushing the stone is in the following way.
*The images are simplified for easy understanding. The actual movement of the machines are not all the same.
The stones are put into center of the rotation body, called Rotor. Then the rotor throw them out with the rotational power.
The stones discharged from the rotor are crushed to the build-up stone wall called dead stock, and broken.
In addition, the stones become good shape by running on the stone wall since the corner of the stones are cut and rounded to cubic shape.
Hustler is the crusher in the finishing process of aggregate plant.
Hustler 6 is specialized crusher for making sand by enhancing the efficiency and productivity of conventional Hustler.


Specification of Hustler 6

Model / Specification Throughput (t/h) Power (kW)
US6-321H 60 150
US6-392H 60~100 150~220
US6-474H 100~140 220~300
US6-636H 140~250 300~500


Dimensions of Hustler 6

  A B C D
US6-321H φ1,810 1,410 2,900 6,000
US6-392H φ2,110 1,689 3,000 6,300
US6-474H φ2,610 2,019 3,400 7,600
US6-636H φ3,200 2,218 4,000 9,800