Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
Hustler Slugger

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Hustler Slugger

Anti-adhesive function enables long operation with high moisture material

Applicable to any of water granulated slag. Reliable performance proved with many references and customer's reputation
- Simple control of grading
- Easy maintenance
- Various capacity
- Long life and low running cost
- Greatly improved particle shape
- Stable product quality
- Patent registered


1. Granulated blast furnace slag
2. Waste molten slag
3. Sludge molten slag
4. Molding sand recycling


Measures against deposition

Long term operation with highly moisturized material is achieved. You will be free from frequent cleaning.

Minimized wear parts and long life

Inside of the machinery is protected from abrasion by built up material wall. Main wear parts are minimized and light weighted and have long life.

Grading adjustment

Grading adjustment is easily and simply controlled. Wide range of adjustment is provided.

High crushing efficiency, Round shape

Autogenous crushing provides great improvement of particle shape. Needle shape particles may contained in coarse to fine particles can be vanished.

Line-up and options

Capacity 1t/h - 230t/h and various options for site requirement are available.

Stable end product

Autogenous crushing which is generated by impact between particles provides no effect of quality deviation to end product by abrasion of wear parts.

Particle shape improvement

Capacity / Dimensions


Model / Specification Max. feed Rotor speed Power (KW) Capacity
US121HS-N 20mm 20~65m/s 11~15×2p 1t/h~10t/h
US301HS 55mm 20~65m/s 45~190×4p 30t/h~110t/h
US322HS 60mm 20~65m/s 110~190×6p 110t/h~230t/h


US121HS-N (dwg.1) 980 550 350 1,320 200
US301HS (dwg.2)
2,110 2,095 2,650 4,745 935