Roller Mill


Roller Mill

Vertical centrifugal roller mill, first developed in Japan

- Wide range of the fine grinding
- Simple control of product grading
- Stable auto operation
- Dry milling with heated air
- Classification of foreign material
- 11 models with Type Para, High side, Low side and their various capacity.


Wide range of the fine grinding

Fine grinding from "250μm 90% passing" to "30μm 90% passing"

Simple control of product grading

Grading of the product can be easily controlled by rotation of separator mounted on the upper part of the mill.

Stable auto operation

Stable auto operation by automated continuous input of suitable amount feed.

Dry milling with heated air

Drying of the material is achievable feed during grinding by applying heated air.

Classification of foreign material

Separation and collection of the hard-to-crush material, such as metal in feed material, are available.


Limestone, SiC, Clay, Bentonite, Coal, Mines, Industrial waste, Recycling, Building material(Wooden chip separation from cement board, Recycling of fiber contained board etc.) Incinerated ash, Milling of shredder dust carbonization

Standard flow

Closed circuit

Most popular flow

Open circuit

Applicable to highly heated material


Model Roller quantity Roller Mill Power (kW) Capacity (t/h)
-45μm95% -250μm90%
RM10 2 2.2 0.1 0.21
RM16 2 3.7 0.21 0.46
RM22G 3 11~15 0.75 1.6
RM30 3 15 0.9 1.92
RM36 3 30 1.45 3
RM36G 3 30~37 2.15 4.5
RM50 4 45~55 3.6 7.6
RM56 5 75~90 5.2 11
RM56G 5 90~110 7.7 16
RM65G 5 185~220 12.2 26
RM80G 6 250~350 18 38
* Above capacity applies milling limestone.

Grinding / Classification

The input feed is ground in the gap between roller and bull ring and brought upside of the machine. The particles are sorted by a separator installed at the top and the product size is collected. Oversize particles are repeatedly milled.

Three types of the separators are available , depending on the product size and application