Air washing and Dry classification

Air washing and Dry classification


Classified sand making machine with removing ultra-fine powder

- Dry sand classification
- Simple 1 unit separation
- Dispersion feeding method


- Dispersion feeding method
- Air blow washing
- No dust emission
- Simple structure
- Easy maintenance
- Cost-effectiveness

Main components & Flow

- The diffusion feeder layers the material by size difference and feed it to main chamber.
- The air blow from feed blower brush the material and remove ultra fine particles.
- Ultra fine particles are collected by the dust collector. De-dusted product is deicharged from the outlet chute of SAC main body.

Dimensions / Specification

Model SAC1600 SAC1900 SAC2500
Feed Size (mm) 5-0
Maximum Input Feed (t/h) 100 120 150
Dust Collector Air Flow (m3/min) 600 700 900
Blower Air Flow (m3/min) 375 375 540
- These capacity is affected by feed grading, classification size, moisture content.
- Material water content : Below 1.0% is the best. Below 1.6% is recommended.
(It varies depend upon the material characteristic which need to be checked each time.)


  Dimensions (mm)
SAC1600 3130 5360 1960 640
SAC1900 3280 5360 2210 820
SAC2500 3580 5680 2870 1200

Reference data: SAC1600