Crushing and Classification
When you look at concrete or asphalt closely, you find they are composed with small stones so called aggregate. We manufacture machineries that produce the aggregate from large stones by crushing and classification. We have been providing industry-leading machineries to all customers while continuingly improving and developing our products. Our technology is well accepted by cement, steel industry and recycling area other than the aggregate industry.

Sand making

Dry Type Sand Making System

Plant Facilities

V7 Dry Type Sand Making System

Dry Sand Making System the absolute alternative to natural sand

Aggregate recycling

Recycling Aggregate Manufacturing System

Recycling Aggregate Manufacturing System


Dry type high-quality aggregate making system from waste concrete

Classification / De-dusting

Dry type screeing / De-dusting

Dry type screeing / De-dusting

V sepa / Victory separator

Separation of max. 7 products by 1unit
including Filler/Ultra-fine powder

Air washing and Dry classification


Classified sand making machine with removing ultra-fine poweder

Dedusting machine for Ultra-fine poweder

High Flow Separator

High efficient centrifugal wind power separator of ultra-fine powder


Centrifugal dehydrator

Enhanced performance continuous centrifugal dehydrator


Efficient and compact screw discharge-type continuous centrifugal dehydrator



Various lineup from "Coarse crushing" to "Fine crushing".


Roller Mill

Vertical centrifugal roller mill, first developed in Japan

Shaping / Slag processing

Granulator / Specialized machine for granulated slag processing / Slag aggregate manufacturing system

Granulator / Crusher


The best application for tertiary crushing / sand making by round particle shape

Granulator / crusher (Specialized for #6(13-5mm))

Hustler 6

Crusher specialized for #6(13-5mm) based on original hustler

Specialized machine for granulated slag processing

Hustler Slugger

Anti-adhesive enables long-term operation with high water content materials.



Crusher for primary crushing

KEMCO Jaw Crusher

Robust body crusher for various application

New cone crusher


Tough, Powerful and High Capacity

Vertical crusher

Vertical Hammer Mill HM-type

Handy size vertical crusher for multiple application

Dust collecting

Dust collecting unit

Simple dust collecting unit

Zero Duster

Handy type dust collecting unit equipped with a fan, discharge device, and operation panel on main body