Plant equipment
V7 Dry Type Sand Making System

Plant equipment

V7 Dry Type Sand Making System

Extraordinary particle shape and unique grading control
The absolute alternative to natural sand

The crusher US7 and Air screen configure a partly returning closed circuit which enables toincrease content of 0.6 - 0.15mm in the end product while removing desired amount of ultra-fine particles. US7 specifically designed for sand production and the closed circuit provide very round shape of particles. Such grading control and particle shaping achieve production of the premium sand that competes natural sand.


Low wear cost

Based on our long-run VSI Hustler series, Low wear cost operation is achieved.

Round particle shape

Solid volume ratio 58~59%

Grading control

Easy adjustment of end product grading
Standard range (FM= 2.6~3.0)
※FM=Finesse Modules

Environmental friendly

Low noise design
No dust emission with sealed structure

Ultra-fine removal

V7 system accurately removes ultra-fine and controls powder content of end product.
※Water adding mixer controls moiture % of end product

- V7 product: Particle (0.3 - 0.15 mm)

- Rod mill product: Particle (0.3 - 0.15 mm)

Hustler Seven (US7)

• Crusher specialized in sand production
• Low wear cost
• Round particle shape
• Stable grading production
Applying the 5 port impact rotor upgraded its crushing ratio and lowered kW consumption.

Air Screen

• Precise removal of ultra fine
• Easy maintenance
• No dust emission
Materials are classified into product and oversize while removing ultra fine. The internal damper enables easy and flexible control of grading.

Appearance of V7 Dry Type Sand Making System

Hustler Seven (US7) Air Screen

System flow


V7 Dry Sand Making System

(at Product FM2.8)

Model Max. feed Feed volume t/h Production volume t/h
V7-20 13mm 20 17
V7-40 13mm 40 34
V7-60 13mm 60 51
V7-100 13mm 100 85

Note: Above capacity is subject to the following conditions

1) Producing sand meeting JIS/ASTM with consistent feed of bulk density 1.6t/m3

2) Feed material moisture below 2%

3) Capacity may vary with feed size, its stone characteristic and product grading

Product grading (Feed:5-0mm )

Grading analysis comparison

V7 dimensions